Financially Independent, Retired Early(ish) at 57.

Wednesday W’s #12.

What’s top of my mind: Phew!

The principal of the school is showing a group of dignitaries around the new campus. They came into my room, where naturally I’d written a Dad joke, (but not the Learning Intentions and Success Criteria – oops), and she read the joke at the bottom of this post aloud.

“I should have known I’d come into this room and you’d have a Dad joke on the board!” she said.

Then one of the men in the group asked if he could tell a Dad joke.

“Where do robots go for fun? The circuits.”

Where I’ve been: McClelland Park.

See my previous post.

Where I’m going: To my sewing room.

I finally started the quilt with over 5,00 tiny squares. It’s not difficult sewing, but I do need to keep my mind on the placement of each and every square. If I’m able to do 5 blocka a week, I should get it finished in a few months.

I’m already up to 3 blocks. Only about 87 to go. I’ll be finished in no time!

What I’m watching: Netflix.

I just finished season 2 of ‘Bridgerton’ and now I’m diving back into ‘Peaky Blinders.’ I had no idea that Peaky Blinders is based on real events. Ryan27 remarked that they cast the actors as looking very much like the real people, so I googled them.

I noticed that Netflix has released yet another season of ‘The Black List.’ I started watching this about a decade ago as my silly, junk tv secret pleaasure. I guess I’ll sign up for yet another season. I’ve been seeing what Raymond Reddington has been up to, right from the start. Can’t turn back now!

What I’m reading: 2 books with the same beginning.

I’ve borrowed an ebook and a regular book from my local library and I started both of them in the last couple of days. Both begin with a suspicious death in a gated community in prologues, then when the chapters start they backtrack to a few weeks before the murder/s.

I hope I’ll be able to keep the two plotlines separate in my head.

One is called ‘The Girl Beyond the Gate’ by Becca Day. The other novel is at home so I don’t know what it’s called.

I also read a thought-provoking piece on Strong Money Australia about the new laws in Australia regarding financial advice. It seems that there’s been a whole can of worms opened here.

What I’m listening to: Aussie Firebug.

I tend to only listen to podcasts when I’m either driving or gardening. Aussie Firebug has a monster-length poddie episode with the Motley Fool guy. This’ll keep me going for a while!

This morning I was listening to it and he had a number of things to say about the property market. David28 and Izzy are looking at their options at the moment, so I found this interesting.

I couldn’t help but think that, given the post I referred to above, that this poddie ep was even more interesting…

What I’m eating: Red Leicester cheese in my bread roll.

Normally I just slice off some tasty cheese, but I saw the Red Leicester in the fridge this morning ad thought, ‘LUXURY!’

So today at lunch I’ll feel just a little but fancy.

After all, it’s the litle things in life that give you a buzz.

Who needs a good slap: The teacher who gave her year 8 class a DOUBLE lesson in grammar when she was away.

I’m good, but no one on Earth can make that lesson appealing.


What I’m planning: Nothing at the moment.

Just living my life, baby, the best way I know how.

What has made me smile: Dad’s Surprise Birthday Party.

My sister organised us all to pop in at our parents’ place at 3 PM Sunday for champagne, scones and birthday cake. Mum knew it was going to happen but it was a total surprise to Dad.

It was lovely to see the brothers and their cousins catching up. Dad was in his element.

Dad joke of the Day:

Prison may be just a word to you, but for some people it’s a whole sentence.

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  1. sandyg61

    I too left reality and binge watched Bridgerton over the weekend. Just what you need sometimes.

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