Financially Independent, Retired Early(ish) at 57.

Wednesday W’s #9.

What’s top of my mind: The rhubarb.

Call myself a frugal gardener, yet I bought apples a week ago to make rhubarb and apple, but I still haven’t walked out to the back yard to cut the rhubarb.

That’s it! As soon as I press ‘publish’ on this post, I’m going out there to get this job done.

Where I’ve been: Mum and Dad’s place.

Yesterday I drove down to Mum and Dad’s to take Dad to his surgeon’s rooms for an appointment after his hip replacement 2 weeks ago. After that, I went to Aldi to do their shopping.

It’s strange to think that if I hadn’t have made the geoarbitrage move down here in 2015, I would have been in a classroom and he would’ve had to have taken a taxi there. Mum gets dizzy spells so doesn’t drive anymore, so until Dad’s hip heals, they’re essentially stuck at home.

It’s a strange thing to see your parents with their wings clipped.

Where I’m going: Apparently, to the back yard.

See above.

What I’m watching: The wind in the trees.

It’s a sparkling day today and there’s a beautiful breeze. I love how this house catches the wind – just open the front and back doors and the breeze flows right through. Luxury!

What I’m reading: Same as last week.

Yes – very unusually for me, I’m taking more than a week to read a book! I’m still on Cloud Cuckoo Land and I only have 20 pages to go. I’m loving how all of the different times are entwining together.

What I’m listening to: Mum’s Boppin’ Bangers.

I’ve started cutting up the fabric for the quilt with over 5,000 squares. I whinged about the cost of the specialised ruler I bought to help me with this, but now I’m absolutely LOVING it. $100 well spent! It’s allowing me to fly through this stage, because I can cut 3 layers of fabric with absolute accuracy at a time. That’s 163 squares at a time. Today I just have the ‘lights’ to cut up, and then I’ll be done.

I’m so appreciative that Ryan27 shared a Spotify account with me. Cutting squares can be tedious but being able to belt out a song as I work really helps. Every now and then on ‘Mum’s Boppin’ Bangers’ a song will come on that I swear I haven’t heard for decades, yet I still know all the words. Loving it.

What I’m eating: A homemade bread roll.

For breakfast, with butter and peanut butter. Yum.

Who needs a good slap: Me, for eating that breakfast.

What I’m planning: A road trip.

May as well.

What has made me smile: The homemade bread roll with butter and peanut butter.

So simple, yet it tasted so good.

Dad joke of the day:

What word in the dictionary is spelt incorrectly?



  1. Onevikinggirl

    Cut the rhubarb yet?

    • FrogdancerJones

      Haha! I got distracted, then had a nap, but then at 4 PM went out and cut it. I now have a huge pot of rhubarb and apple to freeze.

      • Onevikinggirl

        Well done, pat yourself on the shoulder! 🙂

  2. Jan

    I’m not too keen on rhubarb, grew up eating ‘stewed rhubarb’ & ice cream from grandparents garden. I’ve wondered about those rulers and if they are worth the cost, sounds like they might be a good thing.

    • FrogdancerJones

      I was dubious about the cost too, but it’s saved me so much time already. I can see I’ll be using it for years. Leaves the straight ruler for dead.

  3. FreshLifeAdvice

    Haha I enjoyed that Dad joke. Good luck with the rhubarb! I, like you, also enjoy the simple things in life. Keep up the great work FrogdancerJones!

    • FrogdancerJones

      I’m glad someone likes the Dad jokes!

  4. Helen

    Mmmm! Rhubarb! I hope my rhubarb survived transplanting last fall. It’s buried under a LOT of snow right now.

    I enjoy the Dad jokes, too!

    • FrogdancerJones

      Rhubarb’s as tough as nails. It’ll be a lot happier under that snow than I would be!

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