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Wednesday W’s #94

What’s top of my mind: Packing for my trip away.

I’m leaving very early in the morning tomorrow and the only preparation I’m doing is to buy some groceries for breakfasts while I’m gone.

I have to say though; it’s a big difference from packing for 5 weeks’ carry-on luggage as opposed to having a whole car that I can fill up with stuff if I want to!

Where I’m going: Kangaroo Island.

Have I researched? Do I know what I’m going to do when I get there?

Haha NO.

It’s weird how I’ll plan my overseas holidays so that I know where I’ll be and what I’ll be doing every single day, yet I’ll blithely jump in the car and head off without a single thought when it’s a domestic trip.

Where I’ve been: Southland with Mum and Kate.

I put my car in for a service yesterday, seeing as I was driving to another state, and spent a few hours hanging out with my family. Kate sees Mum and Dad every Tuesday, so I tagged along. It was nice.

What I’m reading: Nothing special.

I only read one book last week and it was a ho-hum “thriller” that I guessed the ending to when I was less than half-way in. This is the second time this has happened with this author so I won’t be wasting my time with her again.

What I’m watching: White Lotus.

I finished this last night and I really enjoyed it. Practically everyone in it is unlikeable but seeing as it was a limited series (unlike Succession!) I kept with it to see what ended up happening.

What I’m listening to: Dogs snoring and the dishwasher going.

Morning sounds.

What I’m eating: Breakfast.

Well, I haven’t had any yet, but I will be as soon as I finish this post.

What I’m planning:

I think I’ve made it plain that I SHOULD be planning a lot more than I’m doing! Though I have done one thing today – I rang the place I’m going to because it occurred to me that it isn’t actually one of the rooms that belongs to my timeshare – it’s like a partnership deal.

I’m used to taking a box of groceries with me whenever I stay at a timeshare place because they always have kitchens. This time? No.

Thank goodness I found that out before I lugged a whole heap of food across from Adelaide!

Who deserves a thumbs-up: Me.

I’ve agreed to look after Kate’s new dog for 5 nights in March when they go to Sri Lanka. He’s a very big dog…

What has made me smile: picking the first tomatoes of the season.

Also the first strawberries, warm from the sun.

Dad joke of the day:


  1. sandyg61

    Often on Australia trips we pack the sandwich maker for any easy lunch or dinner if we’ve had lunch out on our travels. I have one that’s like a jaffle maker so a couple of tins of fillings and it makes a simple meal.
    Enjoy KI. It’s on our list for when we do South Australia.

    • FrogdancerJones

      That’s a bloody good idea! I cleared out a high cupboard in the kitchen last week and saw we had a jaffle maker that’s never been opened.

      • Cedar

        Forgive this Pom please, but what is a jaffle maker?

        I throughly enjoyed Kangeroo Is. when I visited. Hope you do too. Looking forward to some lovely photos of wildlife. And a jaffle, maybe, whatever that is.

        • FrogdancerJones

          A jaffle is a toasted sanga.
          Haha! Sandwich.

  2. Maureen Carreau

    This made me look up Kangaroo Island to see where it is and what it offers. Looks like lots of nature, beaches, wineries, and bee keeping. Have a wonderful time!

    • FrogdancerJones

      It’s going to be a very chilled few days. 🙂

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