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Little Adventures #6- The Frugal Friday way! Sept 2021.

Melbourne’s still in lockdown. Yet September still needs a Little Adventure. Actually, Wednesday’s earthquake might have covered that, except I only jiggled around on my front verandah while the house swayed behind me and the earth was noisy. I didn’t actually go anywhere.

Mum and Dad live a fair way away, but when the travel bubbles were widened last weekend it meant that our bubbles crossed over into one suburb. So we agreed to meet up for a little walk along the beach at Mordy.

Mum suggested we meet at the Yacht Club. I’ve never been.

*gasp!* Fortunate Frogdancer strikes again.

My Little Adventure for September was saved.

After months of lockdown it was so strange to see so many people out and about. When we started to turn off Nepean highway onto Beach rd, Ryan26 gasped, “Look at all the people!” They were everywhere. Most were wearing masks, thankfully, but there’s always a few who think that the laws of basic biology don’t apply to them.

We arrived before Mum and Dad so we went down towards the beach to look for them.

The first thing I noticed was that the sand here is much more golden than on our Backyard Beach.

You also can’t see Melbourne from here. There’s a jutting out bit of land in the way.

After a little while, Ryan26 saw Mum and Dad making their way towards us through the crowd. I’ve never seen so many people having picnics in my life! (For those not in Melbourne, having a picnic is one of the few ways people from different households can see each other at the moment.)

There’s a concrete path by the beach that runs all the way from the city down to Mordialloc (I think.) We didn’t even consider going down on the sand, mainly because Mum, while she’s so much better on her feet than she was a year ago, is still not totally back to normal with her balance. We stuck to level, stable ground.

We were trying to remember when the last time we saw each other in person was, but we couldn’t decide. It’s been months, though.

After a little while, I saw a spare bench and we sat down. Mum was laughing at all of the seagulls congregating around that family. A little while later 3 kids from there started running along the beach, followed by a crowd of gulls. One of the girls was squealing in delighted terror while a boy kept throwing chips behind them to keep the gulls coming.

The foreshore was stacked with tea tree, with bees thrumming everywhere. I really love the flowers and would definitely have a tea tree in my front yard to help bring the bees, but I’m worried it might grow too ugly and scraggly.

Decisions, decisions.

There were also a couple of volleyball courts set up.


We turned and started slowly walking back the way we came. The place was full of family groups enjoying the sun, people walking their dogs and friends walking side by side, busily catching up on the goss. It was a real people-watchers’ delight.

Just to demonstrate that bureaucracy is the same the world over, here is a directive painted on the path.

And right beside it…

… is a drinking fountain for humans with a doggy bowl down the bottom. Talk about mixed messaging!

We didn’t bring the Little Woofs with us.

On the way back to our cars, Mum pointed and said, “Ooo! Look at the banksia flower!”

I don’t know if it’s a banksia or not, but it looked spectacular in the bright sunlight against the dark pub.

All up, this month’s Little Adventure cost us a bit of time, a smidge of petrol and that was it. Today’s weather is very grey and moody, with rain expected later on. It’s been nice to write about this day drenched in sunshine and good humour.

Everyone was happy, wherever we looked.

If there’s one thing that living through the world’s longest lockdown has taught people, it’s that there’s beauty in the simple things.


  1. Lucinda

    We can picnic in Sydney too. If within the same LGA and all vaccinated and no more than 5 people. Lovely you could meet up with your parents.

    The plant is a Gymea lily. Impressive in the bush around southern suburbs of Sydney (where Gymea is) when they flower. There’s so many of them.

    • FrogdancerJones

      Ahhh. Thanks. Maybe I should look at getting a couple for the garden. They clearly like it down here.

  2. Maureen

    Outings with family or friends help strike a sort of balance between introversion and seeing the lovely world. Too many outings and I long to stay home; too much time at home – I want to go out! It’s a good problem to have though. I hope to be able to visit Australia and New Zealand one day as I hear such positive things about them both.

  3. Kathy Aylward

    Great that you were able to see your parents and it was such a lovely sunny day which always feels like it’s a day out. Hopefully you guys will be out of full lock down in a while. The cases though that still remains very scary. We spoke to the kids Grandparents on the phone the other day as they live in Melbourne and asked them about the earthquake. They thought someone was rattling the side gate to get in so went to have a look. Mind they were more upset about the Shine and the protestors that brought them to tears. Have a good week.

  4. sandyg61

    So glad you could meet up with your parents and in such a lovely setting. I’m so fortunate to be living in Brisbane at present but even though double vaccinated I’m concerned what will happen when we open the borders both to the state and country. I can see myself becoming quite a stay at home at least for a while.

    • FrogdancerJones

      Yes, it’s going to be torrid for a while, I’m sure.

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