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Wednesday W’s #104.

What’s top of my mind: It’s good to be home.

I took this photo yesterday at the Backyard Beach. It’s looking towards Melbourne, with Scout in the foreground having a paddle, even though it’s the middle of winter.

I sent this photo to Jenna, because it’s looking towards where she and Evan27 live. He’s in California at the moment, doing tech for a show called ‘Motor Boat,’ He’s staying with a friend that he met at Clown College last year, which tickles me a lot. I love that he’s making travelling friends, just as I have.

It’s strange not having Poppy saround me every step of the way, but in some ways it’s easier to just have Scout and Jeff. I’ve been really sick, so the two older dogs ahave been content to blob around with me while I slowly get better.

You should’ve seen Scout crossing the road towards the beach though! Thanks godness I have a sturdy harness on her – she was practically levitating in a horizontal line towards the beach.

Where I’m going: To Apple.

Mum’s phone is on 3G, which is being discontinued in a couple of months. Dad refuses to buy her a new phone. He can’t see the value of a mobile phone because he refuses to use his. So, seeing as I’m not really happy with the quality of photos that my 2 year old iPhone 6 takes, I’m biting the bullet and shelling out for a new phone. Mum can have this one.

Her old phone is so awful that it doesn’t even accept photos via text. She won’t know herself when people can send photos. She’ll have to get used to a slightly different way of operating it – her old phone was an android.

I hope that isn’t a bridge too far…

Where I’ve been: To renew my passport before the price rise kicks in.

Apparently, you can renew your passport inline if it isn’t expired. I wish I’d known this before I traipsed up to the post office to get a form to fill in, but that’s all behind us now.

It was painless and very quick. All I had to do was take a printed form back to the post office, get my photo taken and that was that.

Once I get my new passport back, I can start filling in the details for my 2025 trips.

What I’m reading: Georgette Heyer.

While I’ve been sick I’ve been reading books I have at home. Non-challenging reads. But yesterday I picked up 7 books I had on hold at the library. Once ‘Regency Buck’ is finished, I’ll be revelling in reading!

What I’m watching: OUTLANDER!

I’m so happy that this is back on. I love the books and the tv series. It’s so unusual to be able to love both, but the tv people are doing a great job.

What I’m listening to: Jeffrey snoring.

It’s the sound of home.

What I’m eating: a sourdough bread roll.

It was Megan’s birthday yesterday, so I bought her a cheese and chive pull-apart, to compare to the onderfu one we had in Vancouver. She laughed her head off when she saw it, so I consider that $7 well spent.

While I was at the bakery I saw they had sourdough bread rolls, all crisp and crunchy on the outside. I don’t mind if I do, though $2 for one bread roll is daylight robbery.

What I’m planning: to get back to Liga’s trip.

Now that I’m getting better, I want to get back to Liga’s crazy road trip and book in a few places. She’s given me the dates that she currently has for flights, so we’ll make it all work.

Who deserves a thumbs-up: Georgia.

After I was home for a couple of days and stopped sleeping so much, we had a good long talk about Poppy and we had a good cry. Georgia described the week leading up to Poppy’s death as the most traumatic of her life. The actual decision to give Poppy the green dream was easy – it was obvious that she was too sick to continue. But it was when she was starting to fail that the responsibility hit home – what to do when Mum’s dog is sick.

The kids gathered to see Poppy before she died and David31 and Georgia both went with her to the vet. They let Jeffrey andScout sniff her all over when they got back, so that they knew, and then they buried her directly in the corner of the orchard where I can say good morning to her every day.

I was proud od the kids – they did everything as I would have done it.

What has made me smile: Seeing the galic I planted before I left sticking up out of the ground.

I still have more to plant and the solstice is on Friday, so I’d better crack on. But gee – isn’t gardening so rewarding?

Dad joke of the day:


  1. Ragnhild

    Thanks for taking us along your trip, I enjoyed it! And always good to be back home.

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