Financially Independent, Retired Early(ish) at 57.

Wednesday W’s #102.

What’s top of my mind: My Aged Care.

It’s come to that time when my parents need me to fill out the reams of paperwork to get them onto the My Aged Care system. Up until now, they’ve been using their local council for services.

Tomorrow I’m going over there again to spend another day photocopying statements, chasing up forms and generally wanting to be anywhere else but there.

It’d be nice if beaurocracies made their paperwork more streamlined. Just saying.

Where I’m going: To see Evan27 and Jenna’s shows!

Yes, the kids are back at the Comedy Festival again.

Evan27 is performing HERE.

Jenna is performing HERE.

Tom31’s girlfriend thought it’d be nice to get the whole family together to see the shows, so there’ll be a family excursion on Saturday.

Where I’ve been: to see ‘Wicked.’

My sister-in-law has never been to the Theatre, which was shocking to me. I had to fix this sad state of affairs, so I chose a big, rousing musical to pop her theatre cherry. Turns out that she’s a massive ‘Wizard of Oz’ fan, so I accidentally chose the best possible show for her!

She loved it.

Job done. 🙂

What I’m reading: ‘The Best Way to Bury Your Husband, by Alexia Casale

I picked this one up from the library yesterday.

What I’m watching: The White Lotus 2.

I finished this last night and I absolutely loved it. I watched season 1 a while ago and then got sidetracked, but I was back on board for the last few nights.

It’s on Binge, for those who are in Australia.

What I’m listening to: Jeffrey snoring.

It’s the soundtrack of my life when I’m home.

What I’m eating: Green beans from the garden.

In a last desperate sput by Mother Nature, the beans are making a last-ditch effort to produce food before I pull them all up.

I have 4 weeks before I go to Canada and Alaska. Let’s see who gives up first.

What I’m planning: a trip to Kenya, Tanzania and ZANZIBAR.

Doesn’t the last country on that list make your toenails tickle with anticipation of the exotic unknown? I always knew that I wanted to go on a safari in Africa again – 5 days back in 2014 wasn’t long enough – but Zanzibar?!?

Yep. They had me at Zanzibar…

April next year in case anyone is keeping track. It seems that 2025 is going to be the year when I’m away more often than I’m home!

Who deserves a thumbs-up: All those who said that retirement is terrific.

They weren’t steering me wrong.

What has made me smile: Georgia 29 got her license!

Better late than never!

Dad joke of the day:


  1. Aussie HIFIRE

    Best of luck with dealing with Aged Care for your parents. If you do it online to the extent possible it may be easier than a paper application, but unfortunately the software that our public services uses seems designed to make things as difficult and unintuitive as possible in the hope that people give up and don’t claim on things.

    • FrogdancerJones

      Don’t tell me I could’ve done it online! I’ve nearly finished finding and photocopying what seems like THOUSANDS of pieces of paper. Dad had to go and buy more ink for their printer!
      Another two days of work and I hope we’ll be done.

  2. Crdar

    Congrats to Georgia for passing her test!

    • FrogdancerJones

      Aw, thanks. Next stop is to find her a car…

  3. Ragnhild

    Congratulations to Georgia!! ????????

    • FrogdancerJones

      Thanks! As I said in the post, better late than never. 🙂

    • Ragnhild

      Ha ha, I don’t know how those questions marks got in there! As for myself, I still don’t have my driver’s license and I’m 48 years now, so I’m impressed, and happy for her????

      • Ragnhild

        Omg, there is a bug here somewhere, those question marks keep following me

  4. Josie

    Congratulations to Georgia! It’s such a milestone and a means of independence!
    And congrats to you for introducing your SIL to theatre! I live a 40 min train ride to NYC and have seen many fun plays since retirement. The talent of the actors and dancers is awe-inspiring!

    • FrogdancerJones

      It’s wonderful, isn’t it? Between travel, reading, Theatre, tv…. we’re spoiled for entertainment.

  5. Bonnie Truax

    Sounds like some amazing travel plans!! Congrats to Georgia and good luck on the paperwork!

    • FrogdancerJones

      I’ll never rival your travel, but I’ll do my best to catch up. Haha!

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