What’s top of my mind: Jeffrey.

It can’t be comfortable being balanced along the back of the couch as he is, but Jeff’s never happy unless he can see me. I’m perched up at the kitchen bench on a stool, typing away, so there’s no way he can velcro himself to my side, which is his preferred position.

But up on the couch, he can gaze at me until he drifts off to sleep. He’s snoring now.

I absolutely love going travelling, but I also love it when I’m home. These three little woofs are everything.

We don’t deserve dogs.

Where I’m going: Mum and Dad’s place.

It’s Dad’s 86th birthday on Sunday, so my sister Kate, her husband and I are going over there for lunch. We’ll go to a nearby park and have a little barbeque.

Where I’ve been: Skydiving!

This is a Little Adventure that I’ll never forget. A post about this will be coming soon.

What I’m reading: ‘Wifedom’ by Anna Funder

I borrowed this from the library a while ago, along with about 7 other books. Then I went to Kangaroo Island, so I was out and about instead of reading. ‘Wifedom’ had to go back to the library, unread, so I placed another HOLD on it as soon as I got home. It took 2 months to swing back to me.

It’s time to tackle this novel. It’s about George Orwell’s first wife. I read about their relationship in another book I read about the Orwells – The Last Man in Europe – and she sounded fascinating.

What I’m watching: The White Lotus season 2.

Now that Australian Survivor has finished, my evenings are now free to explore other seasons of shows I love. I finished all ‘The Walking Dead’ spinoffs, so now it’s time for more elevated viewing.

I’m only a couple of eps in, but I’m enjoying it. It’s on Binge, by the way.

What I’m listening to: a mix of windchimes and snoring.

There’s a very light breeze today, so every now and then I’ll hear a sound from my lovely Kangaroo Island windchimes. Jeffrey is loudly enjoying a nap on the couch, as you know.

What I’m eating: nothing exciting.

However, when I’m able to include ingredients from my garden, I get such a kick out of it.

The photo is for veggies for a bolognese. Our garlic, chilli, celery, zucchini and spinach were in it. Nice!

What I’m planning: nothing in particular.

After the huge flurry of booking 5 trips away, I’ve decided that I should stop booking things for a while and just start to enjoy the anticipation.

Then yesterday I remembered that I’d forgotten to book my flights for The Ghan trip I’m doing in September for my birthday. Oops! Imagine the panic if I hadn’t remembered? I’d be hitch-hiking my way from Melbourne to Adelaide and Darwin to Melbourne. No one who has seen ‘Wolf Creek’ wants to be on their own out in the middle of nowhere…

Funnily enough, I’ve never booked flights myself before. So yesterday afternoon, after I came back from taking Mum to the pool and then having lunch, I bravely clicked onto Webjet. I saw which flights were available, then went onto the actual airlines’ websites to book the flights.

I have to be honest and say that it was a bit of a thrill to click “Darwin.” It sounds incredible that in a few months I’ll be casually wheeling my carry-on through the airport up there. So exotic…

Who deserves a ‘Thumbs-up’: Blogless Sandy.

She’s the one who told me how to book the flights. There would’ve been a lot more googling if she hadn’t told me what to do.

What has made me smile: Easter Monday.

I’m having most of the kids here for lunch and to watch the video of me skydiving. Tom31 and Sophie are in the country seeing her family for Easter, so they’ll not be here, but everyone else is coming.

The plan is to fire up the pizza oven and Georgia29 will make pizzas for everyone. Too easy!

I love having my family all around. They’re such nice people.

Dad joke of the day: