Burning Desire For FIRE

Financial-Independence-Retire-Early(er). Achieved the first two letters of FIRE, now onto the rest!

I’m visiting Principal FI today!

I’m sure we can all identify with Principal FI – it must be awful to think you’re going to get a day off and then you don’t.

Anyway, please jump across and read the interview I did for him on his ‘Educators on FI/RE’ series. (Sounds like something the kids might do to stay warm if the school was snowed in!!!)

This is an interview that, when it came out, I read and thought, ‘Yeah, I’m really happy with this one.’ I’d like to thank him for allowing me to share with his readers.



  1. Thanks so much for doing the interview. Your story is always inspiring and you’ve got a great writing “voice.” It’s almost like you teach writing for a living!

    I never miss one of your posts, so I’m honored to be able to host one.

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