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Frugal Friday: When life gives you lemons…

Lemons in a bowl.

Ryan26 has had a friend, Marcus, ever since they met in Prep at primary school. Every now and then a group of ‘The Boys’ meets up for a night of gaming and other frivolity and they catch up on what’s been going on in their lives.

A week or so ago Ryan26 stayed over at Marcus’ parents’ house and he came back with 2 massive bags full of lemons. These lemons were as big as my head.

Well, almost.

Emily, who like me has raised a houseful of boys, is so generous when it comes to sharing the produce from her garden. I still have HEAPS of chillies in the freezer that we’re slowly making our way through. Like me, she hates to see things go to waste.

So how did I deal with the lemons?

Lemon juice cubes in a bag. Very exciting.


I put on “Mum’s Boppin’ Bangers” on Spotify and went to work juicing them up. I poured the juice into icecube trays and then, a day later, popped them out and into a bag.

That’s the lemon sorted for my summer gin and tonics!

Dachshund on couch.

Scout approves.

Dad joke of the day:

 I thought about going on an all-almond diet. But that’s just nuts. 

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  1. Budget Life List

    Do you have any other lemon recipes?

    I have some lemon cubes too (a bottle of lemon juice was about to expire) but I don’t know what I should make with them. Suggestions, ideas, and jokes are appreciated.

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